We have a backyard!! It's big enough to play volleyball in, so we have a volleyball league!!

It's less of a "League" and more of a "Pick Up Game" with BYOB.

But Lindsey and Luke, I'm not good at volleyball!

That's not a requirement. The teams are always even and it's super chill. Nobody gets on your case for mistakes and everybody gets to play. You can also just come and hang out on the sidelines.

Think of it more as a semi-regular hang out where we also happen to have beer and volleyball.

We will play on these Sundays

Setup, hangout, and warmup play starts at 5:30pm

Volleyball from 6:00 to 7:00pm (or so...)

Kids can join us for warmup play. 6pm and later will be adults only (the balls can come a little fast).